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Girl At The Bar

She’s sleepwalking in a neon wonderland,
holding hands with monsters in red,
allured by the thought of something grand,
even as her wounds tore open and bled.

She closes her eyes to resume the healing,
while those around her continue to take,
completely she depends on the feeling,
struggling to separate the real and the fake.

She’s beautiful in her dress made of stars,
everyone overly eager to offer a drink,
but she’s not impressed by money and cars,
reserving admiration for those who make her think.

She relentlessly endures suitors flirting,
amateurs unaware their chances are zero,
one by one she leaves them hurting,
until the day comes when she finds her hero.


Behind the face with empty eyes
is a bad moon poised to rise,
harbinger of hate, disgrace and lies,
laughing wildly as the angel dies;

Behold the promise of pain eternal,
ruthless destruction of hope’s last kernel;

Trumpets and army of locusts arrive
as all search for shelter but none survive,
a time when only woe can thrive,
even into deep waters dive,

Lamb of God not to be,
excess of blood repaints the sea,
demons revel in murderous spree,
life again shall never be free;

Weep poor soul at decided fate,
thoughts return to halted state,
it truly matters not the date,
thou again shall never create.

Player One

Ever searching for the next level
I bent the rules and became a rebel,
truth be told it wasn’t my meaning–
I couldn’t help my psyche’s leaning,
playing by regulation didn’t seem to fit,
and I knew this a game unaffordable to quit,
I was a marionette attached to fate’s strings,
always managing to hatch a mess of things,
but in that mess I found my own style,
and I did nothing if not make you smile,
that alone made my whole life worth it,
anything more would’ve been just perfect,
by destiny and design I had plenty of flaws,
for example too often I’d just hit pause,
content to sit there and pretend I was frozen,
so much wrong with the timing I had chosen,
but somehow we ended up where we now are,
a place from where perfect doesn’t look too far,
only God knows where this outcome ranks,
humbly and graciously I give my thanks,
it was a nightmare to pinpoint the edits,
but there’s no question your name’s in my credits.

A Caged Bird

The melody soothed an ailing soul,
more than just sound was what he heard,
an artist deftly struck their goal,
a book of emotion packed into every word.

A tired heart began to find its rhythm,
more than just hope was finally seen,
a human managed to close the schism,
restoring faith where doubt had been.

Fingers slowly started to move,
a troubled mind given strength to fight,
he knew that he had much to prove,
more still left to be inspired to write.

The sun burns slow but tides move swift,
so quickly he used what was left of his might,
grimacing as light outside threatened to shift,
he knew this song belonged to the night.

Stained Glass

Magnificent colors in mesmerizing matrimony
rendered me reticent amidst a grueling ceremony,
but they spoke to me in ways that nothing else could,
and I was willing to listen when no one else would.
In my apprenticeship I was undoubtedly torn to pieces,
attempting to find where peace is and chaos ceases,
but even as those I loved fell one by one to cancer,
it was crystal to me I may never find the answer.
In my defeat I hoped that you would lend your ear;
observe what was written for when I’m no longer here.
It’s doubtful to amount to anything resembling good,
but it beat the decaying silence from where I stood,
and in the end that shattering was all I ever needed,
although I admit for many material things I’d pleaded–
I just wanted to live in some way forever,
because I knew it was much too late for never.


Underneath the cracking sky
a single blade of grass grew in slow motion,
not understanding the purpose of its process
but basking in the sunlight as it was so graciously offered.
Dreaming in a wild reverie that it was something greater,
the grass casted off earthly limitations and projected its spirit
into the universe so that it might be looked upon with love,
and be encouraged to continue an uncertain journey.
The grass witnessed others like it undergoing the same,
and experienced things that it did not understand,
wondering all the time what was real and what it had imagined,
and questioning whether there was even a difference between the two.
Warm weather and the winter winds came and passed,
and still the grass stood as tall as it could in the pasture,
proud of its scars and determined to touch the sun itself,
knowing that on this day if it were to be cut down,
it would simply regrow.


From this window I’ve seen much,
humans and cats and bees and such,
just last night I saw a lone bird dying,
and to my surprise there was no one crying,
maybe there’s no value in what was just lost,
or else all our hearts gave way to some frost,
I shook my head and looked the other way,
knowing it wouldn’t matter the very next day,
and as expected I felt right as rain,
temporarily forgetting that silly thing called pain,
“come at me!”, I threatened, the reaper could try,
I knew for today there’s no way I would die,
I wouldn’t be hooked or caught in some netting,
and I’d break all my chains without even sweating,
whatever it was could cause me no hassle,
so long as I was the prince of this castle,
unfortunately the royalty in my blood is fading,
and it’s safe to say it’s dangerous to keep waiting,
so for now I must bid you adieu,
until tomorrow begins and I write you anew.


I watched the damning sunrise
from the once comforting moonlight,
and as the light drew near my eyes
it was clear that I didn’t feel right,
within my grasp was all that I wanted,
even more that I had not planned,
but as morning approached I felt haunted,
as if a cruel fate had revealed its hand,
I stood awaiting what seemed certain disaster,
unsure of what action I should take,
I knew there to be only suffering thereafter,
all of my conviction forced to break,
in the final moments it dawned on me,
from places unexplored beneath the deep,
all of the things I once dreamed to be,
would resume after I’d surrendered to sleep.

It’ll Come

I’ve seen you here before,
you know,
wandering and waiting–
who is it that you’re looking for?
I’ve been here the whole time,
occupying myself with silly things
and taking odd paths to avoid anything serious…
who can say what matters anyway?
We’ll get there in the end,
so don’t you worry,
I really don’t like to see you so distressed.
Come here and I’ll kiss your forehead
if only you’ll believe in me,
my love,
but is happiness what you’re really after?

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