somebody from my heart sang i could turn off and never wake up


October 2017

Maiden of God

Beneath the shelter of your wing
was found a solace I once thought lost,
as if permanently forsaken;
longing for the light to touch me,
and to its glory I bowed my head;
watching the ribbon unfold,
and with it, I too unfolded;

revealing unique colors in a variance
of shade that stunned
the status quo;
transcending limitation,
but in the cacophony
temporarily torn asunder;

in your hymn the respite
from turmoil was brought;
a piece of me gathered,
the image inevitably coming forth.


Shrewdly So

An angel’s eyes met mine
for a moment clandestine;
from her gaze I surmised
that all the words of the wise,
or any answer worth it to find,
lie locked inside the divine mind.

Withering Roses

At the peak of my fatigue
I stole a glance in your direction;
the shining source of my intrigue
in which I see my own reflection;
twin tales that tell of truth,
but yet unseen where lips may lie;
in our eyes the burning youth,
a promise that passion will never die;
just for now is it ours to keep,
should either accept the gifted rose;
both unknowingly fated to weep
if nonchalantly a different road chose;
still uncertain what I can give,
if there is anything left at all;
show me what it is to truly live,
grab my hand before I fall.

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