Once upon a wavering dream,
monsters called out in the limelight,
gamblers keeping secret their bets
as vacant stare was pitted against unholy beckoning;

sealed wounds worn on my sleeve,
I resisted in a state of revulsion,
a stubborn fortitude that proved immovable
even while the will to live was weakening;

slowly a shy flame was forged in the tension,
feeding on a persisting frustration–
the efforts to grow were not in vain,
I dared not let the flame be extinguished;

now I burn in the heart of this fire,
prone to bouts of determined effort,
in truth the end result eludes me
but ever forward I continue to march;

a sinister cloud of doubt looms
darkly above my reluctant acceptance,
denying access to the holy mountain,
so I sit at the bottom as the rain falls;

the struggle with darkness appears eternal,
a chain that is forged to remain unbroken
and shackled forcefully to this dying machine,
daily I must strike at it to no visible effect;

but madly I strike nonetheless,
futility serving only to madden me further,
until defiance consumes my entire being
and a brief glimpse of the inferno is caught;

a great raging strength boiling fiercely
deep beneath the tranquil surface,
in time it may bring the deliverance
I’ve long sought in the inspiring moonlight;

in another life the harbinger of my undoing,
many times I’ve seen emotion turn ominous,
instability pushing the unsuspecting over the edge,
often teetering in a most dangerous dance;

peering now found a surrounding sadness,
knowing grief to be only one facet of life
among the inexplicable innumerable many,
scarcely touched by ephemeral comfort;

without fail the exhaustion finds me,
caring naught for any distance traveled,
eyelids eager to shield weary eyes,
my head rests in a cradle of arms.