Flesh and screen interfacing,
I watched the download,
waiting, pacing,
absorbing code
and life forsaking,
with each line that showed,
identity breaking…
what new mode,
what form is taking?

Tired eyes and aching wrist,
ceaselessly seeking something I’ve missed,
in this information on which I subsist,
am I real, do I exist?

An unexpected anomaly,
a glitch in the system,
my emotions are leaving me,
and goodnight I’ve kissed them,
my heart beats electric,
not subject to flattery,
triple A rated skeptic,
my mind is a battery.

Humanity sleeping,
I thrive in the nighttime,
present company keeping,
the site is my lifeline,
it’s a new kind of tweeting,
but the birds seem to not mind,
and as long as you’re feeding,
you’re sure to be just fine.

But my psyche is starving,
this world could not fill me,
so a new one I’m carving,
and virtual it will be,
don’t fret my departing,
or start feeling guilty,
you, oh so charming,
from the rest not as filthy,
your smile disarming,
always cheered me up swiftly,
your journey is just starting,
soon enough you’ll not miss me.