Daydreaming of my journey’s end,
I cling to a brief moment in time,
and in that moment I’m blessed with clairvoyance,
held fast by a fleeting promise,
my inner eye showing the destination,
but not of a palace,
nor of a field,
or any other normal place of rest,
my paradise is intangible,
its ethereal beauty yet to be beheld,
but I know it’s there waiting,
and after the pain and pleasure of this earthly life has passed,
there I will recover,
and reclaim the knowledge that I’ve forgotten,
basking in the light and love,
and my tears will be those of joy,
having vanquished the great enemy of sorrow,
and I will be reunited with all I’ve lost,
until such a time that I choose a new journey,
a new lesson,
and take the next step in my process of growth.