somebody from my heart sang i could turn off and never wake up


August 2016


Overtook with fascination,
I dipped a cautious foot into shallow water,
an adult-sized pool feigning its depth,
reflecting all of my desires as to entice me,
and met with stinging cold I recoiled,
face evolving into a grimace.
Thus I tore from my body a limb,
and swung it at the water in unbridled contempt,
satisfied in the disturbance of the image,
temporary as it may be,
calmly watching as the puzzle put itself back together,
the solution a haunting reminder,
but as of now I’ve forgotten what it was.



Staring into the infinite fractal,
I stretched my single bent wing,
preparing for the onslaught
and excited from the adrenaline,
mind racing and heart bursting,
I’m dying for the experience,
give me the journey
and I’ll leave you a legend,
soul burning towards supernova,
witness this funeral pyre
as my last request and carry me
into the hope filled dawn.

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