In the wake of love gone wrong,
I skipped a stone upon the river long,
where the salmon swim wild and free,
hoping you’d come back to me,
not for only just a season,
but with strong and lasting reason,
devotion pure and heartfelt love,
a genuine blessing from above,
but each passing day it seems,
these desires are merely dreams,
and for them to ever come true,
would be entirely up to you,
and if you know how bad it feels,
when to sorrow your love kneels,
badly damaged and nearly broken,
all sweet nothings left unspoken,
maybe you would change your mind,
and be pleasantly surprised to find,
it’s only you who I adore,
only you and not one more,
but I suppose until that day,
there’s nothing left for me to say,
so I’ll wait with yearning strong,
skipping stones upon the river long.