T’was in a meadow,
where I happened upon a peculiar fellow,
and to this day I still feel
as if I’m not sure it were a dream or real.
You see, that particular day I was thinking
it’d be a great idea to do some drinking,
and it might’ve been I drank too much
because the story goes as such:

I was lounging about and admiring daisies,
sipping my ale and feeling quite lazy,
when all of a sudden from behind a tree,
a figure appeared and trotted over to me –
and I say trotted instead of walked,
because this man, although he talked –
and I swear on my grave, this is the truth,
this man – he moved on goat-like hooves!
T’was nothing but fur from down his waist,
and a sight that clued he was hardly chaste,
it was quite the monster, this man appeared,
with his animal-like ears and magnificent beard,
and to top it all off, his head was adorned
with a curling pair of goat-like horns!
At first glance, I thought him a brute,
until he began playing an odd looking flute,
and from it came such a beautiful melody
that I started to question if he put a spell on me,
because I must say I felt rather defenseless
until the song ended and I came to my senses,
but what happened thereafter
was no pleasant matter,
every last bit of courage mustered was taken
after this creature’s voice did awaken,
and what was spoken, it forced me to flee,
for this man’s voice imitated a banshee!

However my friends,
before the shriek of my own,
and race toward the place
that I call my home,
an introduction was heard,
and tell you I can,
that without a doubt it was
“My name is Pan.”