Resting at the bottom of a lake
lay two skulls adorned with moss.
Pondering the loss,
I asked the lake in a quaking tone,
To which poor souls did these skulls belong?
It replied,
They are a memento of courage long gone.
Unsatisfied with the answer given,
I clarified with impatience hidden,
I wish to know their names.
The lake responded,
Know them by their works.
Enough of the games,
and piddle on this water’s riddles.
What are you trying to tell me?
After a while, the lake answered.

Brother and sister, twins I’m assuming.
No older than six; still far from blooming.
The boy saw a fish, but the fish wasn’t moving.
He jumped in to help it; the outlook was grim.
The girl knew it too, the boy couldn’t swim.
She tried to save him, but reality beat her.
The sad fact was that she couldn’t either.”

Know the bodies you’re given
and learn how to use them
because with that much heart
you’re more godlike than human.