I’m grateful for your support and never-ending love;
how I know you’ll still be there if push comes to shove
and if worst comes to worst you’ll watch from above.
And even though I’ve not done much to be proud of,
I’m sure that you love me as much as my father
or just as much as your precious granddaughter.
But even if not, that’d still be okay,
because I know that I’m loved in my own special way.
Although it’s true I’m no longer a baby,
I’ll always look up to you ’cause you raised me.
So thank you for being my guardian angel,
because if I were in your shoes I’m not sure I’d be able.

But most of all,
and know this is true,
there’s certainly no other;
and needless to say, I speak for my brother,
when I say that I’m grateful to call you my mother.