The point of this writing amounts to nothing more than posterity. If someone were to quote something I said after my life has ended, then I consider my work done here. Let’s just say I’m a bit more than skeptical of my ability to write something worth reading, so I’ll settle for that. Being quoted in a positive way means you’ve said something insightful, and for someone other than yourself to acknowledge that is an honor. Through your words, you may help others find the truth they seek.

What is your truth?

Each of us endowed with a sound mind possesses the power to direct others, insofar as they will allow. Everyone is different; each person is susceptible to varying degrees of suggestion and control. To be on either end of the spectrum can be a blessing or a curse. Someone impressionable can be taught with ease, but will fall prey to deception more often. Stubborn individuals won’t be swayed so easily, but this quality can backfire in the face of genuine helpful advice.

If you choose to cultivate this ability, proceed with caution.