What is “making it” exactly? How do you measure success? Personally, I measure it by how much you’ve helped others according to your ability. Bill Gates has helped by giving an enormous amount to charity (not to mention everything he did for technology), and believe it or not even people like Kanye West have done much for the world. Think of all the people his music has pleased, or how many youth it has helped get through a tough day. You can have all the riches or genius in the world, but if none of it has been put towards making the world a better place then that person is no better than me who has also contributed nothing. I’d say they are worse, even, because they have the wealth to do so and I do not.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

I’m not religious by any means, but I feel some of the messages are still applicable today.

As is anyone, I’m far from perfect. There’s no question that I’m selfish in some ways. It’s the main reason I don’t want any children. To be a good parent you need to dedicate your life to your children; you are no longer living for just yourself, you’re also living for them. I can’t deal with the weight of that responsibility. I want my free time to be me time. I want to be able to skydive out of a plane with no parachute and blast off to the next dimension (hopefully) at a moment’s notice.

How are you supposed to do that in good conscience when there’s people depending on you? I don’t think you can outside of extreme circumstances. For example: if someone is in constant pain every single day, physical or mental, then I believe they should be able to decide whether they want to live or die with no repercussions.

It’s widely regarded to be extremely selfish to commit suicide. I don’t consider it extremely selfish, but I can’t deny that someone who commits it might not realize the harm they are inflicting on others in doing so. On the other hand, you also have to consider that expecting a person to continue living in misery just so you don’t have to be sad is also selfish.

It goes both ways.